How to choose a Hairstyle to match your Wedding Dress

You’ve chosen a theme, you’ve found your wedding dress but which hairstyle will work best?

Thanks to Pinterest , you have pinned all these beautiful hair styles. But which Hair Style will match your Wedding Dress.

 Your Hair Styles Options are endless !  You can pull your hair up in the most amazing loop de loops. You can wear your hair in a half up style, a full up-style, swept to the side, braids or wear your hair all down.

When picking your hair style you will need to consider the neck line of you dress. If you have a one shoulder strap dress, an up-style with your hair swept to the other side would be perfect. If your dress is strapless you can wear your hair down or if you want to show of your shoulders pick an up-style. If your dress has a fancy neckline or cute sleeves you may want to show off these features and wear an up-style.

A good rule of thumb , is that classic dresses go best with classic hairstyles. Soft and simple dresses deserve a soft and simple style- nothing too over the top or formal and that you should always buy the dress before you select a hairstyle, that way you will get a better idea of how your hair will look with your stunning wedding dress.
Also you will need to consider the time of year you will be married and the location. During the summer season, keeping your hair off your neck will definitely keep you cooler. If you are having an outdoor or beach wedding, a down styles is not a good idea. Your curls are likely to drop and you’ll end up with photos of your hair blowing in your face.
A great way to test out your hair style is wear a white top at your Hair Trial with a similar neck line. Your Hair Stylist will be able to help you with ideas for your wedding hair style.
There are just so many different looks that you can have these days which will look stunning. As long as you remember to choose the right style for your dress, you can’t go wrong!

Soft Textured Bridal Hair Style

Soft Textured Up-Style

Bridal Lace & Crystal Headband- Ivory

Soft Down Style

Wedding Hair Styles Brisbane

Wedding Half Up Hair Style

Swept to the side

Swept to the side

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