Winter Makeup Trends 2019 for Everyday

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1.Peachy Pink Blush
Forget the deep bronze of last summer, this winter 2019 makeup trends are all about peachey taupe shades. Not quite tan and not quite pink, the best shade for this season was a warm peach.

2.The Barely-there Look
On trend this winter is the no-makeup look. Keeping your skin well hydrated for a natural glowy look. It is super easy to achieve, and the good news is, you don’t need a lot of product. All you need is a good layer of moisturiser, some concealer, a sheer glowing foundation, peachy blush ,a touch of lip balm and a quick swipe of mascara.

3. Textured Brows
The brow is the hottest thing to happen to beauty in our generation, and this love affair shows no signs of changing. The name of the brow game for this winter makeup trends is texture. Gone are the pencil-lined arches and bold painted silhouettes. Natural shades of tan, light brown, and deep chocolate have been given movement and natural dimension with the help of eyebrow combs and brow gel. The textured brows of the season perfectly complement the messy, undone hair and minimalist makeup approach that is so popular this year.
So throw out your eyebrow pencils.

4.Glossy Lips
Lightly glossy lips are a makeup must-have.Healthy looking pouts and glossy lips have a youthful feminine look. The key to achieving this look is ensuring you have soft and smooth lips. If you lips need some extra love after winter. Use a sugar lip scrub or restorative lip balm.

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